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Engineering and modernization of production and finishing plants

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Life Science Engineering consolidates expertise in engineering and modernization of production and finishing plants, including the special laboratories required for food sector, for pharmaceutical production, for specialty and fine chemicals and for the biotechnology industry. It covers the overall production chain, starting from the delivery through all the manufacturing levels to the packaged and inspected end products.

Our services

  • For pharmaceutical production, we design from building concept with cleanrooms to handling highly active substances in containment to completely packaged goods.


  • Techniques for conventional manufacturing procedures for solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms, parenteral and disposable goods as along with the use of isolation technologies are the standard procedure.


  • Our bioprocess expertise includes antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other biochemicals. We design fermentation systems with micro-organisms, animal and plant cells and handle the entire upstream and downstream processing chain.


  • Our experts comply with all the relevant regulations: national and international GMP standards as well as various FDA guidelines. Designing of research and development laboratories that integrates heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and cleanroom technologies using state of the art methods and planning tools.
  • Our comprehensive engineering services for the Life Sciences industry include concept design, upscaling, basic and detail engineering, construction management, commissioning service as well as complete cGMP and FDA compliant qualification and validation packages.


  • Complete engineering compliance and project management in accordance with the clients and official regulations in GMP environment is thereby the standard practice.

Specialized areas:

Chemical and pharmaceutical GMP active ingredient development and production

  • Conventional and highly active (containment) substances
  • Highly active substances with special containment technologies
  • Flexible campaigned manufacturing with fast product switch (multi-purpose plants)
  • Continuous production
  • Large-volume batch-type plants for mass production of active ingredients

Specialized areas:


  • GMP cell banks including storage
  • GMP manufacturing of active ingredients using mammalian or micro-organism cells.
  • GMP extraction of proteins from human plasma
  • Biotechnological foods

Specialized areas:

Pharmaceutical GMP production

  • Sterile drugs (aseptic manufacturing)
  • Solid and semi-solid drugs
  • non-sterile and liquid drugs
  • Primary and secondary packaging of drugs

Specialized areas:

Specialty and fine chemicals

  • Grossvolumige Batchanlagen zur Mengenproduktion
  • Highly active substances with spec. containment technologies
  • Multi-purpose plants for flexible campaign manufacturing with fast product switch
  • Plants for continuous production
  • Large-volume batch-type plants for mass production

Specialized areas:

Food and beverages

  • Liquid, semi-solid and solid food
  • Primary and secondary packaging of foods

Specialized areas:


  • Liquid, semi-solid and solid cosmetics
  • Primary and secondary packaging of cosmetics

Specialized areas:

Medical technology

  • GMP manufacturing of medical devices, implants and prostheses.

Specialized areas:

Laboratory planning

All subsystems from one source:

  • Plot plan and general arrangement drawings
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Cleanrooms and double door systems
  • Media and power supply
  • Specialty gases
  • Building services engineering

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