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Software Solutions.
TRICAD MS®is our business.

TRICAD MS is our business!


The leading CAD software solution for building services engineering, plant design, digital factory, and Traffic design.

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Building Services Engineering


With this unique set of planning modules you can combine and link all relevant buildings data in a virtual 3-dimensional model.

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Plant Design


In every phase of your planning process you benefit from the advantages of the intuitive controls for the basic and detail engineering, schematic flow diagram, R&I diagram or 3D setup planning.

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Digital Factory Design


This powerful 3D-CAD planning tool enables you to create the steel structures for platforms and stairs, to plan floor and wall mounted cranes and your hall and to place shelves, safety guards and machines.

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Traffic Design


The maintenance and operation of railways and roads are a central element of the traffic planning with TRICAD MS®.

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BIM – Building Information Modeling


TRICAD MS® – since 20 years we made BIM – Building Information Modeling. BIM describes a method for an optimal planing, implementation and management of buildings.

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Facilitate your work with TRICAD MS® using these powerful tools, e.g. our quality test.

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Bentley Basis-CAD

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Bentley Navigator

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Unsere Standorte


Siemensstraße 21
61352 Bad Homburg, Germany

+49 6196 6092-0

TRIPLAN GmbH Office Bad Soden

Auf der Krautweide 32
65812 Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany

+49 6196 6092-137

TRIPLAN GmbH Office Burghausen

Wackerstraße 1
84489 Burghausen, Germany

+49 8677 9849-0

TRIPLAN GmbH Office Krefeld

Alte Friedhofstraße / Building L222
47829 Krefeld, Germany

+49 2151 4910-0

TRIPLAN GmbH Office Leverkusen

Moselstr. 32
51371 Leverkusen, Germany

+49 214 7503-0

TRIPLAN GmbH Office Merseburg

Brandisstr. 2
06217 Merseburg, Germany

+49 3461 7315-0

TRIPLAN GmbH Office Karlsruhe

Triplan Ingenieur AG Reinach (CH)

Kägenstrasse 18
4153 Reinach

+41 61 33832-32

Triplan Ingenieur AG Villeneuve (CH)

Chemin du Pied des Monts 129
1844 Villeneuve

+41 61 33832-32

Triplan Gebäudetechnik AG Reinach (CH)

Kägenstrasse 18
4153 Reinach

+41 61 33832-40

Triplan Gebäudetechnik AG Wettingen (CH)

Jurastrasse 58
5430 Wettingen, Switzerland

+41 56 437 20-50

TRIPLAN India Pvt. Ltd. Pune (IN)

Manikchand Ikon (South Wing, 1st Floor)
Dhole Patil Road
411001 Pune, India

+91 20 67080300

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