> Constructability reviews during engineering
> Construction and contracting strategy (prefabrication, skid mounting)
> Construction planning
> Construction supervision
> Progress monitoring
> Quality inspection
> Mechanical completion and handover to commissioning

Triplan’s approach to Construction Management is to increase productivity and construction quality from feasibility study to construction completion, for both brownfield revamping and greenfield projects.
In fact, two approaches are being pursued: on the one hand, the organizational structuring of construction processes according to lean management principles (avoid waste, increase added value) and on the other hand the digitization of the construction value chain based on 3D modelling (BIM) in order to support the integral cooperation of all parties involved in construction projects.

Safety in construction:
Our entire company is focused on executing our customers’ projects without incidents or accidents. Therefore, safety aspects are of utmost importance at Triplan during the engineering phases (safety in design), during the project execution (safety in execution) and during operation (safety in operation).

Triplan’s construction management philosophy starts with our safety vision:
“At Triplan, we believe that every accident can be prevented. We are devoted to eliminating unsafe practices on our construction sites and striving for ZERO accidents.”