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TRIPLAN according to the timetable

TRIPLAN Merseburg lets the TRIPLAN-PHARMAPLAN bus roll through Saxony-Anhalt! A bus on bus line 728 – which runs the Merseburg and Querfurt route – has been converted into an advertising bus for the brands TRIPLAN, PHARMAPLAN and TTP since the end of May: Our modern design with the TRIPLAN logo now adorns the long side on the right of the bus, the Long side on the left was foiled with PHARMAPLAN graphics – and the back with TTP design.

The chemical industry and mineral oil processing characterize the industry structure of the central German chemical triangle in Saxony-Anhalt. Along with the food industry, they are among the most important sectors in the region in terms of sales (chemicals: €6 billion). The TRIPLAN branch at the Merseburg site will be celebrating its 30th anniversary here next year and has around 40 TRIPLAN employees and Holger Kosch as head of the branch of established engineering partners and profit centers on site. With well-founded professional competence and many years of experience, international projects in all phases for the chemical industry are also successfully handled from here.

The idea for the bus is as simple as it is ingenious: “There are so many chemical companies here that it’s impossible to go through them all,” says Holger Kosch, who has been successfully leading the team since 2015. “The suggestion for the bus came up after we as a team thought about what we could do to increase the visibility of our brand here on site and to advertise our engineering services,” Kosch continues. For the next three years, the TRIPLAN-PHARMAPLAN bus will travel exactly the route where our customers and desired customers work and live. In acquisition talks with one or the other, the TRIPLAN brand will then be visually remembered. The first positive customer reactions came after just two days and in future it will be: TRIPLAN? Of course…I heard that!