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Chemical API project in Westphalia: Triplan (TTP Group) wins EPCM contract for active ingredient plant

The plant manufacturer Triplan has received a major order for the planning of a multi-product active ingredient plant. It’s about building an 8-storey factory in the Westphalia area.

According to Triplan, the project is not only a special feature in the Westphalian region: The EPCM order for an undisclosed active ingredient manufacturer includes the construction of a multi-product plant for over 20 products, which is set up in several flexibly connectable production lines.

< p>Shortening product lifecycles and increasing customization are making new demands on plant operators. Triplan’s answer to the new volatility of the markets offers specialty chemicals the opportunity to react adequately to market challenges by digitizing and making production processes more flexible.

The 8-storey building, which is also designed for growth, will be equipped with sophisticated technical equipped with building equipment. With the large number of reaction units in a highly corrosion-resistant design and the large number of additives and operating resources, the system design is designed for a high degree of flexibility. The raw material and product handling takes place according to the requirements in cGMP-compliant clean rooms. The systems are controlled by an automation system with the latest state-of-the-art batch technology.

Triplan’s experience as a system planner is crucial in order to keep the production process running permanently and continuously. This is the only way that large products can be continuously manufactured in a batch process. The planning for the project has started. The construction site is to be set up in the first half of 2022. Commercial operation is scheduled to begin in early 2024.

Dieter Hofmann, Head of Projects at Triplan: “We are pleased to be able to continue a successful customer partnership with a large number of innovative concepts.”

TTP Group is a group of companies specializing in engineering services for the process industry. More than 1,000 employees work under the operative brands Triplan and Pharmaplan at more than 28 locations in Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and India. With the two strong brands that have been established for over 50 years, the TTP Group is one of the leading engineering service providers in Europe.

Triplan: As a leading lifecycle engineering and EPCM(V) partner for the chemical, life science and petrochemical process industry, Triplan takes on the technical development for new construction projects, conversion projects as well as the modernization and optimization of existing plants. The company offers consulting, front-end engineering, realization of investment projects and operational engineering services. As a premium partner for well-known international companies, Triplan optimizes and plans laboratory, pilot and production plants as well as supply systems and infrastructure.

Pharmaplan is one of the leading engineering companies for the GMP regulated industry in Europe. Distinguished by integrated and holistic planning, Pharmaplan designs and implements research buildings and production facilities for your customers. Pharmaplan covers the entire pharmaceutical engineering value chain from consulting to implementing EPCMV projects and upgrades to local site support. With highly qualified employees from the areas of project management, process engineering, GMP, laboratory planning, architecture, TGA and digital factory, Pharmaplan sets the course for the global supply of medicines of tomorrow.